BEST OF CRIME author interviews

My BEST OF CRIME features look at crime writers' top picks, from their favourite author and fictional detective to their best writing tip. 

Click on each of the authors below to read their BEST OF CRIME.

Sophie Hannah
Anna Mazzola
Alison Joseph
Julia Crouch
Erin Kelly
Neil White
Sarah Hilary
Matt Johnson
Marnie Riches
David Young
Cally Taylor
Jane Casey
Michael Malone
Sanjida Kay
David Jackson
Mark Hill
Lesley Thomson
Sharon Bolton
Paul Finch
Daniel Pembrey
Jane Isaac
Johana Gustawsson
Kate Medina
Claire Kendal
Anne Coates
Howard Linskey
Louise Beech
Rod Reynolds
Susi Holliday
Louise Jensen

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  1. What a fab idea. I shall be busy clicking when I get the chance. Thanks so much. These are all new writers to me.